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Jagdtiger Debut

As WWII progressed, tanks got bigger and bigger, especially the German and Russian AFVs. The German frontline called for a tank with a gun large enough to destroy enemy tanks from 3km away. Thus the Jagdtiger, a Panzerjager (tank destroyer) was created. The 75 ton tank had 250mm front and 80mm side armor. Its’ 128mm Pak 44 gun could penetrate 148mm of armor at 2km. 80 Jagdtigers were produced during 1944 and first saw action in the Ardennes Offensive in December 1944. After 1945, they mostly fought against Allied forces in western Germany, and were infamous (from the Allies point of view) for knocking out Shermans at a distance of 3km. By the end of the war, they became established as the most powerful AFVs of WWII.

This diorama is set in 1944 in a bombed-out city in western Germany. This Jagdtiger has recently come off the line, therefore is in very good working order and condition- I applied minimal weathering/chips/rust etc. Accompanied by a squad of well-armed SS, the next enemies they run into are in for a big surprise.

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Wait Til They Get a Load of Me

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