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The Tunnel

Gulf War M1A1 Abrams

This is my first attempt at a diorama. As such, I see a lot of problems with many aspects of it, but still think it’s worthy to “show-off.”

This is set during Operation Iraqi Freedom, otherwise known as OIF, at the conflict’s beginning. While combing some canyon areas that look ripe for an ambush, an M1A1 Abrams and a squad of infantry come across a group of insurgents. It was chaotic, but no one was injured and the American soldiers captured a couple of prisoners. Noticing that many of the insurgents ran up the stairs, a few soldiers went to investigate. As they search around the ruined building (where one soldier takes a moment to relieve himself), they find what appears to be a well cover and a well…but there is a ladder leading down into darkness. The well is actually an escape route, and the remaining insurgents are already emerging from a tunnel on the opposite side of the outcrop. At the moment, the Americans seem a little distracted and unfocused. Will the insurgents surprise attack with their RPG’s and small arms, or will they sneak away?

Note: In the beginning of OIF, American soldiers wore a DCU (Desert Camouflage Uniform) which is worn by the soldiers in this diorama. This uniform was later replaced in 2004-5 with the new ACU (Army Combat Uniform) with its “Universal Camouflage Pattern” or the non-technical term: Digital Camo. I have an SF friend who gave me his old combat DCU, which helped immensely while painting the figures. Thanks Joe!

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  1. Woo June 24, 2022

    Very cool dio bro!

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