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Losing Ground | Kits and Materials

Vehicle Kits and Accessories:

  • Dragon: Borgward IV Ausf. A (#6101)
  • Eduard: Borgward IV Ausf. A photoetch (35732)
  • Eduard: Kübelwagen photoetch (#35355)
  • Eduard: Sd. Kfz. 251/9 Ausf. D photoetch (#35386)
  • Eduard: Sd. Kfz. 7 photoetch (#35105)
  • Friulmodel: Sd. Kfz. 7-8t Halftrack (#ATL-24)
  • Friulmodel: Sd. Kfz. 251 Halftrack (#ATL-07) (I never want to make these again…what a pain!)
  • Plus Model: German Trailer Sd.Ah.54 (#256)
  • Tamiya: German 8ton Semi-Track 20mm Flakvierling Sd.Kfz. 7/1 (#35050)
  • Tamiya: German 88mm GunFlak 36/37 (#35017) For the Zundapp motorcycle
  • Tamiya: German Kübelwagen Engine Maintenance Set (#220)
  • Tamiya: Kanonenwagen Sd.Kfz. 251/9 Ausf. D (#147)
  • Tamiya: Kübelwagen Type 82 (#213)

Diorama Kits and Accessories:

  • Arv Club: 7.5cm L/24 Ammunition (For Kanonenwagen) (#AF35084)
  • Bridge: scratch built with bass wood and Verlinden nuts and bolts (#0075)
  • Custom Dioramics: Still & Motion Picture Camera Set (#CD6110)
  • Plus Model: German Grenades and Mines
  • Plus Model: German Rucksacks and Bags (#043)
  • Tamiya: German Infantry Weapons Set (#35111)
  • Verlinden: Barbed Wire (#0051)
  • Verlinden: German Roadsigns Russia (#0020)
  • Verlinden: German WWII Soldiers Equipment (#1312)
  • Verlinden: Military Vehicle Stowage German WWII (#1550)
  • Verlinden: Sd. Kfz. 251 Halftrack Stowage Set (#2099)

Soldier Kits and Accessories:

  • Alpine Miniatures: SdKfz 25 Driver (#35029)
  • Archer: German Fire Extinguisher Placards (#AR35266)
  • Archer: German Helmet Insignias (#FG35044)
  • Archer: Late War Heer Shoulder Boards for Infantry Troops (#FG35050A)
  • Archer: Late War Heer Uniform Patches for Infantry Troops (#FG35048A)
  • Hornet: German Engineer WW2 leaning on spade (#GH10)
  • Hornet: German Engineer No. 2 (#GH11)
  • Hornet: German Soldier WW2 “relief at the front” (#GH14)
  • Hornet: Seated German soldier in field grey uniform (#GH18)
  • Tech Star: Axis Straps, Weapons Slings and Eye-glasses (#TC 1037…don’t think this is in production anymore)
  • Tamiya: German 88mm GunFlak 36/37 (#35017) for Motorcycle driver used Hornet head
  • Wolf: Dejected German Soldier (#WAW12)
  • Wolf: Seated German Soldier (#WAW13)
  • Verlinden: German slings (#2509)
  • Yosei: German Army Vehicle Crew (#HY35-G16)
  • Yosei: German Wounded Panzer/Self-Propelled Gun Crew (#HY35-G33)
  • Yosei: Wounded German Tank /Stug Crew (#HG35-G35)

Paints and Materials:

  • Vehicles: Tamiya acrylics, Mr. Hobby acrylics and oil paints / Mig Filters and Washes / Hudson & Allen Mud / Rustall
  • Figures: Tamiya acrylic and oil paints / Mig Filters and Washes / Hudson & Allen Mud

Diorama Base:

Tamiya acrylic and oil paints / Mig Filters and Washes / Timberline Scenery Co. Rock Rite, Timber Stain / Gail Force 9-Master basing kit / Woodland Scenics static grass, foliage, clump foliage, rock molds, hydrocal, realistic water, talus / Hudson & Allen Woodland debris, Ivy, Mud / JoeFix bush, long grass, wild flowers / milliput (for sandbags) / dyed elk hair / roots and sticks from around the house.

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