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Calm Before the Storm

Tiger Tank Crew before battle

Winter has begun on the Eastern front and it’s cold! Two tankers are painting their Tiger white to camouflage against the impending snow. The commander and the driver are discussing their orders. I imagine the driver got a black eye inside the tank during some rough maneuvering. A group of infantry are eating a meal and relaxing a little easier with the Tiger nearby.

What photos don’t show: I attached this circular diorama on a lazy Susan so it can be spun around and viewed while standing in one place. This one should be called a “dia”rama.

There is a dead farmer in the loft of the barn underneath a pile of rubble. You can only see the limbs of the body when looking through the hole in the roof.

At the tree’s base is some “yellow” snow. So sue me, I like pee in my dioramas!

While making this diorama, an old friend of mine tragically died. There is a small cross in the rubble with an inscription.

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Calm Before the Storm

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