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Their Final Duel | Kits and Materials

Figure Kits and Accessories:

  • Pegaso Models Dueling Samurai with bare head (90-048)
  • Pegaso Models Ashigaru, Japanese foot soldier (90-034)

Paints and Materials:

Figures: Oil paints, Vallejo and Tamiya acrylic, Mr. Hobby lacquers

Diorama Base:

Woodland scenic static grass, fine-leaf foliage, clump foliage, and light Hydrocal (for the boulders) / Mig Filters and Washes / celluclay / Hudson & Allen ivy and forest debris / JoeFix long grass, clump grass and field flowers / bleached and dyed elk hair / seafoam “trees” / dyed elk hair / Green Line flower mix. The tree is from some root in the yard that my dog Parker brought in. I saw it and knew it would make a perfect diorama tree. I think it did!

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Their Final Duel

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