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The Dacian Wars | Kits and Materials


Figure Kits and Accessories:

  • Pegaso Models: 75-104 Roman Centurion 1st century A.D.
  • Pegaso Models: 75-109 Roman Legionary: Dacian Wars 101-106 A.D.
  • Pegaso Models: 75-110 Dacian Warrior 101-106 A.D.

Diorama Kits:

  • Woodland Scenics Five Pine Trees (TK23)

Paints and Materials:

Vallejo and Tamiya acrylics, Hobby Color, printer’s ink (a MUST for armor) Mig filters and washes, oil paint. Archer eyes. Only works on this scale for me.

Diorama Base:

Noch grass / Plumosa Fern (scene factory), Woodland Scenics rock molds w/ Hydrocal and “painted” with Timberline Scenic co. Rock Rite, Joefix Studio grass, Hudson and Allen debris. Etc.


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The Dacian Wars

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