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A Tiger in the Marsh | Kits and Material

Vehicle Kits and Accessories:

  • Aber: Tiger I Late barrel (#AB35L28)
  • Archer: German Fire Extinguisher Placards (#AR35266)
  • Archer: Resin Weld Beads (#AR88005)
  • Atak model: Zimmerit for Bergepanzer Italeri (#35023)
  • Atak model: Zimmerit for Tiger 1 Tamiya (#35005)
  • Eduard: Bergepanther photoetch (#35119)
  • Eduard: Express Mask German Crosses 2 Late (#XT002)
  • Eduard: Express Mask German Numbers Large (#XT009)
  • Eduard: Tiger I photoetch (#35976)
  • Friulmodel: Panther late type tracks (#ATL-08)
  • Friulmodel: Tiger I middle-late tread (#ATL-06)
  • Hudson & Allen Studio: Tow Chain (#9507)
  • Italeri: Sd. Kfz. 179 Bergepanther (#6472)
  • Tamiya: Tiger I (Sd.kfz.181) Ausführung E LATE VERSION (#35146)
  • Verlinden: Bergepanther Improvement (#2001)

Diorama Kits and Accessories:

  • Tamiya: Jerry Cans Set (#35026)
  • Tamiya: Tiger I Brass 88mm projectiles (#35189)
  • Verlinden: German WWII Soldiers Equipment (#1312)
  • Verlinden: Military Vehicle Stowage German WWII (#1550)
  • Verlinden: Staff Maps, Road Maps, Aviation Maps (#013)

Soldier Kits and Accessories:

  • Archer: Heer Shoulder Boards for Panzer Crews (#FG35051A)
  • Archer: Heer Uniform Patches for Panzer Crews (#FG35045A)
  • Gunze Sangyo: No Where to Hide (#G-2003)
  • Gunze Sangyo: Refueling / Lube job for Pz. Kpfw III (#GUZ-741)
  • Gunze Sangyo: Supply Sergeant / Barrel Cleaning (#GUZ-742)
  • Hornet: German tankman WW2 in camo overalls (#GH12)
  • Hornet: German tankman WW2 in camo overalls (#GH13)
  • Verlinden: German slings (#2509)
  • Wolf: German tankman working on Panther road wheel (#WAW24)

Paints and Materials:

  • Vehicles: Tamiya acrylics, Mr. Hobby acrylics and oil paints / Mig Filters and Washes / Hudson & Allen Mud / Rustall
  • Figures: Vallejo acrylic, Mr. Hobby and oil paints / Mig Filters and Washes / Hudson & Allen Mud

Diorama Base:

Mig Filters and Washes / Gail Force 9-Master basing kit / Acrylic latex / Woodland Scenics static grass, plaster cloth / realistic water / Hudson & Allen Mud / JoeFix long grass / brown grass cords / seafoam “trees” / dyed elk hair.

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A Tiger in the Marsh

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