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A Marder in the Woods | Kits and Materials

Vehicle Kits and Accessories:

  • Aber: German 7.5 cm gun barrel w/ muzzle break, etc. (35L-05n)
  • Aber: Marder III, Ausf.M photoetch (35-125)
  • Black Dog: Marder III accessories set (T35161)
  • Eduard: Express Mask German Crosses 2 Late (XT 002)
  • Friulmodel: Panzer 38 (t) (ATL-13)
  • Tamiya: Marder III M “Normandy Front” (No. 364)

Diorama Kits and Accessories:

  • Alliance Model Works: Mechanic Tools (LW35086)
  • Archer: German WWII fire extinguisher placards (AR35266)
  • Archer: Wine and Champagne labels (AR35314)
  • Hauler model accessories: Soviet tools (HLU35015)
  • Verlinden: German WWII Equipment (1991)
  • Verlinden: German WWII Food Supplies (1204)
  • Woodland Scenics Pine Trees (TK23)
  • Woodland Scenics Dead Fall (S30)

Soldier Kits and Accessories:

  • Aber: Belts & straps for rifle, carbine, etc. (35A123)
  • Hobby Fan Trading Co. WWII U.S. Infantry (HF527)
  • Platoon: German Danger (PT-003)
  • Platoon: G.I.s Advancing No. 2 Europe (PT-006)
  • Platoon: G.I.s Advancing No. 1 Europe (PT-007)
  • Platoon: U.S. Assault Team No. 1 Europe (PT-005)
  • Royal Model: German infantry accessories WWII (459)
  • Royal Model: U.S. infantry accessories WWII (461)
  • Tamiya: Military Miniatures, U.S. Infantry Weapons set (121)
  • Tank: Escaping German tank crew (T-35090)

Paints and Materials:

  • Vehicles: Tamiya acrylics, Mr. Hobby acrylics and oil paints / Mig filters, washes, chip effects and pigments
  • Figures: Vallejo and Mr. Hobby acrylics and oil paints / Mig filters, washes and pigments

Diorama Base:

Tamiya acrylic and oil paints / Mig Filters and Washes / Timberline Scenery Co. Rock Rite, Timber Stain / Gail Force 9-Master basing kit / Woodland Scenics static grass, foliage, clump foliage, rock molds w/ Hydrocal, realistic water / Hudson & Allen Woodland debris, Ivy, Mud / JoeFix bush, long grass, wild flowers / dyed elk hair / stuff from around the yard.

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A Marder in the Woods

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